Useful Tools
Useful Tools

This page outlines the tools we used and materials SAFA staff created. It also answers questions about finding materials at Brooklyn Historical Society and planning class visits to the BHS archives.

Tools We Used

The following tools were invaluable in managing and planning for 100+ class visits to the archives. They are great for external collaborators, since they do not require corporate calendars or other internal systems – and they are free!

Sign Up Genius
Project staff used Sign Up Genius to easily book individual meetings with 18 faculty. They would indicate which time slots were available, and professors would claim a time on a first-come, first-served basis.

Doodle is a scheduling tool that allows a group of people to find a mutually convenient time to meet. Someone suggests various windows of time, and everyone invited weighs on their availability. Be sure to employ the Yes-No-Maybe function!

Google Forms/Spreadsheets
SAFA professors requested archival documents by completing an online call slip in advance of their class visit. This was created with Google Forms, and was embedded on a website. The back-end is a Google spreadsheet which allowed staff to track collections and workflow. SAFA staff also used FormEmailer, a Google Apps script, to send a copy of the call slip to professors upon submission.

Tools We Created

Throughout the site, there are links to various forms, handouts, and guidelines that staff created in order to make SAFA work. Here they are gathered in one place for easy access:

Any Suggestions for Using Blogs?

SAFA staff helped facilitate a networked installation of over 40 WordPress class blogs. See the handouts they gave to professors and students.

Are the Digitized Documents Available in Person?

Want to see one of the documents featured on in person at Brooklyn Historical Society? Contact BHS reference staff and use the image crosswalk to find citations and BHS filenames.

Can Classes Still Come to Brooklyn Historical Society?

Although the Students and Faculty in the Archives project is now over, you can still bring your students to the BHS archives. To visit BHS with your class, submit a request at least 3 weeks in advance.

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